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AUGUST Wishlist
  • School Supplies
  • Household and Outdoor Furniture
  • First Aid Supplies
  • Coffee
  • Shoes & NEW Socks
  • Plastic, Stackable Milkcrates

In-Kind Investments

Help Us Reach Our Goal for 2015
Re-Purpose Your In-Kind Goods
Effective Giving for Homeless Services

$350,000 (FMV) Growth in Past 3 Years

2014: $310,000
2013: $264,000
2012: $235,000

Our Stories

"Homelessness may seem like an unsolvable
problem, and while the causes of it are
complicated, solutions to combatingand ending
homelessness are within reach."

Think of the things you go to Target, Giant, CVS,
etc. on a monthly, weekly, even daily basis to
purchase so you can maintain your stan.....

2015 Milestones

Contributed an estimated Fair Market Value
of in-kind goods at $1.25 million (since 2006).

Member of Service Committee Hotel
Association of Washington, DC

Recycled 27,894 lbs of cotton textiles
(125,190 lbs since 2006).


Strengthen and support homeless services

Georgetown students give back

DC Point in Time Census, 2015

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